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 TCM gets interviewed

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The Crimson Moon
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TCM gets interviewed Empty
PostSubject: TCM gets interviewed   TCM gets interviewed Icon_minitime12/9/2008, 2:48 am

*The Crimson Moon is seen walking backstage.*

*Jared runs up to The Crimson Moon and ask's he can interview him. The Crimson Moon says yes.*

*Jared leads The Crimson Moon to a room backstage. And they both take a seat in a chair.*

Jared (FNC Ring announcer:) Well TCM may I call you TCM?

TCM: Well yes...Everyone calls me that. So you may too.

Jared (FNC Ring announcer:) Okay thank you. Well I want to ask you a question about the Trade and about who might be your next opponent for the UCW Heavyweight Title. Is that okay?

TCM: Yes it is. You are our FNC Ring Announcer and now apparently our Interviewer too. (Laughs) So anyway which questions would you like to ask me first?

Jared (FNC Ring announcer:) Well I would like to start off with the Trade. Why would you request a Trade so eairly into the Federation season?

TCM: Well becasue we wonted to make the rosters very good and even. But apparently I got the better wrestlers in the draft. So i decied to ask Dai Shi if he would like to trade. He said yes. So I traded Azn Dragon which I didn't want to do that. But you saw that is who he wanted for Gersolmer I belive it was. And he aslo wanted Dark-Mephisto, which I had no problem with because hey go way back. So does that answer your question?

Jared (FNC Ring announcer:) Well I would like a little more from you.

TCM: Like what else would you like me to answer or even explain more?

Jared (FNC Ring announcer:) Well I would like to also know if you cared about the fans who liked Azn Dragon and Dark_Mephisto?

TCM: Well yes I did think of that. Way before I even thought about the trade. But I do care about what the fans think. But I do belive that BJS can do a lot better. Unless I made a bad trade. Which I didn't.

Jared (FNC Ring announcer:) Now on to the next question...Who do you think would be the better opponent our of Mr. Danger, or MightayWhitay?

TCM: Well I don't really feel like answering your question...But I guess I should. Well I think both would. But I don't think we are even close to even doing or even ready for the Triple Threat Matchs. I would love to face both of them at once, and prove to AC that I did deserve this Title. I even proved it twice in one night at the last UCW show. I beat Gersolmer and AC. So I still don't get why AC is even hating on me for being a Champ. But Yes I would love to face both MightayWhitay and Mr. Danger at the same time.

Jared (FNC Ring Announcer:) Why is it always you talk about AC?

TCM: I think I do that because I am a wrestler who takes things seriusly and if someone disrespects me then I will enfact beat them in the ring or outside of it. Even the members of Fratenity, or whatever there names are.

Jared (FNC Ring Announcer:) Well...I was thinking we would want to see Azn Dragon and Dark-Mephisto go at it one last time in FNC before they live what do you think?

TCM: Well I was about to go to my office and put announce that in the ring. But I guess we could do that here. So everyone in The Chaoz Zone, I would just like to see Azn Dragon and Dark-Mephisto go at it one last time here in FNC. So I would like to announce there last match here since they have been traded. Even though they have wrestled once tonight. I don't think they would mind if they go agian.

*The Crimson Moon walks away from the interview and goes back to his office.*
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TCM gets interviewed
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