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 Wu Rong Xiao Interviewed

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Wu Rong Xiao Interviewed Empty
PostSubject: Wu Rong Xiao Interviewed   Wu Rong Xiao Interviewed Icon_minitime12/13/2008, 4:20 pm

*The camera focuses backstage after the parking lot incident. Wu Rong Xiao is seen talking to some other guys backstage and is approached by Andy*

Andy: Wu may I ask you a few questions about your title match tonight?

Wu: Certainly Andy go ahead.

Andy: Alright how do you feel about your opponent tonight?

Wu: I think he will be no match for me he will fall to the Infernal Damnation as many others have.

Andy: So you feel very confident walking into the match tonight?

Wu: Obviously.

Andy: What would it mean to you if you won the title tonight?

Wu: It would be a great honor to walk around UCW as the Veteran's Champion. And that's exactly what i'm gonna do tonight after i crush Tgars.

Andy: Well I'll leave you to get ready for your match and thank you for your time.
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Wu Rong Xiao Interviewed
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