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 Payback will be ugly!

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Payback will be ugly! Empty
PostSubject: Payback will be ugly!   Payback will be ugly! Icon_minitime12/16/2008, 6:34 pm

*Anthony Christaensin bursts into TCM's office not caring what type of reaction he gets. He gets right in the face of TCM*

AC: You!You!Yooooouuuu! How dare you turn my men against me! I don't know what you told him, but I will deal with you later. iron maiden has chosen his path and now he must accept his consequences. He claims he does not need a stable or an alliance? Hahahahahahaha! Everyone needs me, whether they know it or not! You want me to earn my title? Fine. Against benedict? Fine! But in my type of match. Loser gets ten lashes with Uncle Frank (holds up his platinum paddle with diamonds on it).

TCM: First off, this is my office and you knock before entering! Second, you don't dictate matches, I do! I did not tell iron maiden anything, he figured out you spew bs all on his own. The match will be for the title and after that match, I will decide whether it will be on your terms. Now, finally, don't threaten me. You are all alone and you can't handle me trust that! Be gone before I make you regret coming in here. (he turns his back to AC)

AC: bad choice to turn on me! (AC cracks TCM with "Uncle Frank" which produces a crimson pool on the floor and TCM out cold. AC sits at TCM's desk and props his feet up. The Fraternity comes in behind him.) Boys, I could get used to this. We need a new home and I like this office. G, Big Joe, take out the trash here (points to TCM) VGM Anthony Christaensin...I like the sound of that. All Fed Champion and VGM Anthony Christaensin...I really like the sound of that.

Fade to black
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Payback will be ugly!
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