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 GM Dai Shi Interview

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Dai Shi
Dai Shi

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GM Dai Shi Interview Empty
PostSubject: GM Dai Shi Interview   GM Dai Shi Interview Icon_minitime12/13/2008, 3:52 pm

*GM Dai Shi just arrives at the arena and starts to walk to his office but is stopped by Andy.*

Andy: Dai Shi do you have a moment?

Dai Shi: Sure Andy I can spare a minute. What do you need?

Andy: Well I wanted to talk to you about the Fraternity and Chaoz Theory.

Dai Shi: What about it? There's only one thing you need to know and that's that AC and his Fraternity crossed paths with the wrong people and he'll soon figure that out.

Andy: How do you feel about all of the things they've done so far?

Dai Shi: AC goes on about how his Fraternity would demolish us but actions speak louder than words and the only actions he's been doing are while we're off guard. Now tell me this how do you expect to defeat us if you can't take us face to face fair and square? I only have one thing to say to the Fraternity, Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Cause if you don't then Chaoz Theory will wreck you. Oh and you're in for a surprise tonight.

*Dai Shi has a big smile on his face and starts to chuckle a little.*

Dai Shi: Well Andy if you don't mind I have to go run my show now.

Andy: Thank you for your valuable time GM.

Dai Shi: No problem Andy goodbye.

*Dai Shi walks into his office and shuts the door.*
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GM Dai Shi Interview
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