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 FNC 12-12-08

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Dai Shi
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PostSubject: FNC 12-12-08   FNC 12-12-08 Icon_minitime12/11/2008, 10:29 pm

Friday Night Chaoz

2008-12-12 17:40

Rosters are formed, and a challenge is made
Azn Dragon vs Dark-Mephisto
TCM wants to know who is the better contender
Gold Berg vs King Peter
A Trade is offered
BJS Vs Fidelm00
TCM Gets Interviewed
The Last Time for Azn and Mephisto in FNC
Newest Member in The Fraternity
TCM lets Dynamite David Wigton join his Chaoz Theo
True Night Show
Kuvey Z makes an Unexpected Return
Afuntog n Iron Maiden Get there Shot at The Night
TCM vs Black Stallion

Tickets Request: 1.243
Tickets Sold: 1.243
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FNC 12-12-08
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