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 TCM wants a Trade

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The Crimson Moon
The Crimson Moon

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TCM wants a Trade Empty
PostSubject: TCM wants a Trade   TCM wants a Trade Icon_minitime12/8/2008, 8:51 pm

*Music is heard over the Ring. The Crimson Moon walks into the ring with a Microwphone.*

*Crowd Welcome UCW Heavyweight Champion!!!

TCM: Well thank you...As you all know I was on The True Night Show. And I wanted you all to know that...Do you meaning my fans, and FNC's fans like The True Night Show?

Crowd: Ye....

TCM: Wait let me get a fan into this ring to make sure.

*The Crimson Moon looks around into the crowd and sees a Teenager.

TCM: Hey you. Come into this ring please!

*Teenager looks around to see if The Crimson Moon is talking to her. And then asks around is he talking to me?*

TCM: Yes I am talking to you.

*The Teenager hopes the Barackade that protects the wrestlers from getting into the crowd. And the Teeanger goes into the ring. And The Crimson Moon hands her his microwphone. And The Crimson Moon gets another Microwphone.*

TCM: Well before I ask you you if you like it what is your name?

Teenager: Amber

*Amber looks ariound and giggles*

TCM: Ok...Well do you like the show?

Amber: Yes I do.

TCM: Thank you.

Amber: I am your biggiest fan!!!

TCM: Thanks well...I have to get going into the reason why I came out here so please go back to your seat.

*Amber goes back to her seat.*

TCM: Well everyone you know that I have well I should say me and Dai Shi have made the rosters for both shows. And I am not okay with the FNC roster...I am but I would like to request a trade.

*Music Is heard over the ring. And Anthony Christaensin comes out with a microwphone*

AC: Wait, you saying you are not satified with the roster. So now you want to bring in more Chaoz Theory member to try to beat us down more...For some reason that doesn't suprise me.


TCM: To be honist your right...Except I am not bringing in a Chaoz Theory member.

AC: Then what the Heck are you requestion a trade for and who do you want to bring in?

TCM: Well if you would listen for a change then you would get that!!!

Crowd: BURN!!!

TCM: Now I would like to request a trade with UCW, to bring in two wrestlers from The Fraternity.

*Crowd looks at The Crimosn Moon like he is dumb.*

AC: Wait why would you want to do that?

TCM: Well I don't think the Stables are going to work from being a cross brand War...So since you meaning The Fraternity fired the first shot by attacking someone who did nothing to you sparked this War.

AC: I had nothing to do with that!!!

TCM: Well I don't care okay...

AC: Who would you like to bring into FNC anway?

*Dai Shi arrives in his Limo and starts making his way towards the Ring.*

TCM: Well I wanted to get Big Joe Stump (BJS) and Gersolmer.

AC: Okay!!!That would be good.

*Muisc is heard over the ring and Dai Shi walks into the ring with a Mircrowphone.*

Dai Shi: Well I hope you have an idea about making negotations for the trade.

TCM: Well I was thinking I could just have them for free?

Dai Shi: (Laughs) No I don't think you could make that a serius disconison. No you can't get them for free. You need to make me an offer.

TCM: Fine...How about I give you Azn Dragon for Gersolmer?

Dai Shi: Well that is a good offer. And I have been needing someone of Dragons talents in my show. And I wanted to pick him in the draft but you picked him before me.

TCM: So what is your answer?

Dai Shi: YES!!!

TCM: YES!!! I now have Gersolmer.

Crowd: Booooo!!! We don't want Gersolmer.

Dai Shi: Is there any other trades on your mind?


Dai Shi: No way in Heck I can give you him.

TCM: What why?

Dai Shi: He is my biggest Talent in UCW!!!

TCM: Then I would be happy to make you an offer you can't refuse.

*Anthony just stand at the entrance ramp listing to the conversation.*

Dai Shi: Then tell me the offer.

TCM: Well I did some research. And I found out you and Dark-Mephisto were really good freinds back in an AMATUER Wrestling Federation in Mexico. And it Turns out you and Dark-Mephito were tag partners.

Dai Shi: Well then I guess I can not afford to deny that offer. You have yourself a deal.

TCM: Nice doing busness with you Dai Shi.

Dai Shi: Same to you.

*Dai Shi leaves the ring and goes back to his limo and leaves FNC.*

AC: Well now I am sorry to say this but...You and Chaoz Theory are going down now.

TCM: Yea whatever.

*Anthony Christaensin leaves the ring and goes back stage.

*The Crimson Moon leaves the ring as well and goes to his office.*
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TCM wants a Trade
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