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 It's nice to know I got a fan

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It's nice to know I got a fan Empty
PostSubject: It's nice to know I got a fan   It's nice to know I got a fan Icon_minitime12/8/2008, 1:16 pm

*AC is stomping around while BJS and G are lying at his feet. As they start to stir, AC gets a wicked smile across his face. He grabs the mic and speaks.*

AC: Do I "think" we're better than you? Do I "THINK" we're better than you? DO I "THINK" WE"RE BETTER THAN YOU?! Dai Shi I don't have to think. (the crowd starts laughing and AC looks more befuddled). That's not what I meant. The Fraternity is not made up of people who think (again the crowd is laughing almost uncontrollably). What I meant was we don't waste our time with thinking (there's a good chance someone in the audience just peed him or herself). Be Quiet all of you!!!! The Fraternity knows we are better than all of you, that is why we don't waste time dwelling or thinking on that fact. You want my two best guys straight up two on two? Fine, you got them. You just laid a "beatdown" on G and BJS, ran off into the darkness, and hoped you sent a message. Well, you accomplished your goal. But, not how you wanted it. Both of my brothers here got up quickly and that gave me an idea. For the first time ever, a tag team title match between The Fraternity (BJS and G) vs. Chaos Theory (The Assasins) in a..........Last Team Standing match. Now, you can accept or run, the choice is yours. Dai Shi, don't think I forgot you. I'll get mine? We have had battles people are unaware of. You won some, and of course, I won some. I offered up a challenge that you ran from. In fact, you're whole group ran from every challenge I threw out there. Here is one more for you to run from. One last time, me and you, winner takes all. You name the match, you name the stipulation, I'll show you what happens when you go against me, I mean us. You will see I get what I want, I take what I need, and you're destuction is inevitable due to a simple choice you made when I gave you a warning. You can call me a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them because......

*"YOU'RE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US AND AGAINST US IS A BAD PLACE TO BE!" Chop Suey, AC gathers The Fraternity and they leave as one unit.*
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It's nice to know I got a fan Empty
PostSubject: Re: It's nice to know I got a fan   It's nice to know I got a fan Icon_minitime12/8/2008, 3:27 pm

*Chaoz Theory make their way to the ring with Dai Shi and TCM leading the pack.*

Dai Shi: Finally i've done what i've been trying to do.(Smiles)

AC: What are you talking about?

Dai Shi: You see Anthony it's never any fun having a war with an opponent that you could easily defeat but its a challenge when your opponent is at full force and full fury.

TCM: As for your two "brothers" They will get whats coming to them from The Night Assassins.

Sojiro: That is correct we don't plan on losing these titles anytime soon. Especially to the likes of The Fraternity.

Dai Shi: Let this be your last warning from me AC, if you want to go to war with us then you best be prepared for a beating because Chaoz Theory will destroy The Fraternity.

*The Night Assassins hold their titles up high and start to make their way backstage with the rest of Chaoz Theory while The Fraternity stands in the ring with looks of anger in their faces.*
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It's nice to know I got a fan
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