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 Ongoing pledge drive

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Ongoing pledge drive Empty
PostSubject: Ongoing pledge drive   Ongoing pledge drive Icon_minitime12/7/2008, 8:40 pm

AC: stop the music!! Ass bandits, I mean Assasins, you did not earn those titles. To earn something, you have to beat the best. I do not recall you answering my challenge. When I don't get what I want, I take it. With you're little "draft," I bet you thought you would hurt my troops and I by separating us. Chaos Theory, are you really that naive to think that I am not always three to five steps ahead of you.....(AC raises his hands and snaps. A picture of the parking lot is shown on the screen with Big Joe Stump destroying The Assasins rides with G helping)Meet our newest brother, BIG JOE STUMP!!!

*The Assasins rush out to stop BJS and G from destroying their rides but the moment they step outside, they are blasted by a metal pipe upside their heads. BJS and G proceed to destroy the Assasins and walk back to the ring with the titles in tow.*

AC: You see, time lapse video can be used in so many ways. We are better than you, Chaos. The challenges are out there, just get a sack and accept. I warned you once, I've shown you thrice now. How many times must I prove that I mean what I say....

*"YOU'RE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US AND AGAINST US IS A BAD PLACE TO BE!" followed by Chop Suey plays as The Fraternity stands proud in the ring.*
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Dai Shi
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Ongoing pledge drive Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ongoing pledge drive   Ongoing pledge drive Icon_minitime12/8/2008, 10:25 am

*Dai Shi's picture comes up on the titantron and he starts to speak.*

Dai Shi: Anthony you really think you're better than us don't you? Well beating people up when they are defenseless is not a way to prove it, it just proves that you're afraid and that you don't have the talent to beat them one on one. And as for your new "brother" we have a new member to Chaoz Theory ourselves Anthony.
Meet Dynamite David Wigton.

*DDW is seen beating up Big Joe Stump along with TCM beating Gersolmer up. They take it on to the ramp and lay out the two members of The Fraternity.*

Dai Shi: You wanna play hard ball than you got it AC. Pick your two best guys and we'll see how the do against our Tag Team Champions.
And as for you AC you'll get your chance soon enough.

*Dai Shi smiles and the lights in the arena go out and when they come back on all of Chaoz Theory are gone with the bodies of Gersolmer and Big Joe Stump lying next to AC.
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Ongoing pledge drive
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