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 King Zilla Gimmick

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PostSubject: King Zilla Gimmick   King Zilla Gimmick Icon_minitime11/30/2008, 7:29 pm

• Injury: Healthy
• Popularity: 2. Debutante (100)
• Fans: 40
• Age: 20
• Total Skill Index: 2.287
• Fought matches: 209 (W:98 | L:111| N/C:0)
• Wrestler's score: 14.575
• Level Ranking: 1086th
• Wrestler's level: 5

Background: Born in Jersey he grew up as one of the biggest bullies around. He always tormented kids until the day he was caught and was taught a big lesson not to bully other kids. So as he grew his parents found a way for him to let out anger and it was for him to be a wrestler. He went through school as one of the most feared and pwerful wrestlers around. He now vows to one day be the best in the world.
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King Zilla Gimmick
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