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 Mike's First Night

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Mike Garner

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PostSubject: Mike's First Night   Mike's First Night Icon_minitime12/29/2008, 6:09 am

Andy : We're in the parking lot waiting to meet one of the new wrestler of UCW, Mike Garner, but it looks like he's still not here.
In the background the sound of a bike engine get stronger and stronger. After a solid 30 seconds of waiting Mike appears in the parking on his chopper and parks next to the interview crew
Andy : Ah ! There he is. Welcome to UCW Mike Garner.
Mike gets off his bike with its motor still running, grab his backpack, looks at his watch and curses in french
Mike : Thank you. Where's the locker room ?
Andy : 2 doors to the left.
Mike : Thanks again.
Mike start to walk at the fast pace to the locker room
Andy (trying to follow) : Hey ! Wait ! We have an interview to do !
Mike (start running) : Désolé les gars je suis à la bourre là. On verra ça après ! (*)
Andy (stop and look at the cameraman) : What ?!
Mike run through the door to the locker room and gets out of frame
Andy (sighing of frustration) : Maybe next week...

(*)Here's the translation but it's not meant to appear in the RP if it's on the show : "Sorry guys i'm late, we'll talk later".
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Sojiro Seta

Sojiro Seta

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PostSubject: Re: Mike's First Night   Mike's First Night Icon_minitime12/29/2008, 11:04 am

As Mike Garner arrives to the locker room door, he immediately recognizes the two guys in there sitting on chairs back turned to the door. As they turn around, Mike smiles at those men.

Mike Garner: Never thought I'd see you guys again. Thanks for inviting me here, Sojiro.

The Night Assassins stand up and shake hands with Mike. They seem happy to have him back with them in the same fed, as they start talking about the status of things around UWC.

Sojiro: Before you get to know the guys here you must remember one thing at all time. You're not allowed to talk about other feds, since your job will be on the line if you do.
Nocturu: Oh, and there are another thing you should be aware, about these new wrestlers. Some of them are trying to take matters in their own hands and taking over FNC, they call themselves The Fraternity and they don't look to means in order to achieve their goals. They've even attacked our GM Dai Shi. That's why us, the VGM The Crimson Moon (TCM), Dynamite David Wigton (DDW) and Dai Shi himself joined forces and took a stand against those guys, as Chaoz Theory.
Sojiro: If you know what's good for you, we suggest you stay out of their way. Either you just ignore them or you can join us, the Chaoz Theory, in order to fight them. And I haven't forgot that we've still got unfinished business, so when you feel up to it go see the VGM or the GM and make the match between the two of us. I'm always ready.
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Big Joe Stump

Big Joe Stump

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PostSubject: Re: Mike's First Night   Mike's First Night Icon_minitime12/30/2008, 1:20 pm

when Mike Garner just finished unpacking his stuff and setting his lockerroom he heard someone knocking on his door powerfull. Mike moves to the door and opens it...the next thing he sees is a huge shadow coming close to him

Big Joe Stump: (giving Mike Garner a hug) "Hej partner. When I heard that you are our newcomer i just went crazy...what a surprise!!!" (Big Joe Stump still holds Mike Garner in that hug---looking a bit like a bear hug)

Mike Garner: (mumbling) "Allright Joe...can you please put me down... (Big Joe Stump puts Mike back to the floor) puuuhhh, nice to see you partner. I think i remember our workouts NOW..." (Mike Garner smiles)

Big Joe Stump: " look good. You didn´t just hang out and relax didn´t you???"

Mike Garner: "No. I´ve been in a fed before Sojiro Seta invited me to UCW...but i must have to say that i miss our lessons...."

Big Joe Stump: (angry) "Sojiro who??? Are you serious??? He´s an enemy, he´s an assassin, who ever hides in the dark and attacks from behind when you never expect it..." (the big man is really in a rage)

Mike Garner: "I don´t know what happened between the two of you, but that´s not my business. I have no problems with Sojiro. He´s a friend of mine."

Big Joe Stump: (nodding mysteriously) "You´re right. Sorry for my fit of rage...sometimes i´m too bubbly. You have to know that in UCW there are two stables who share the power in this fed: The Fraternity with Gersolmer, Afuntog, me and our boss AC and the others who call themselves the Chaoz Theory...that´s the stable Seta and his brothers belong to.
If you weren´t my friend, you should had to make a decision between blue or white...but you´re my partner, my buddy...i will watch your back, equal what decision you are going to make.
By the way that´s what we do for our brothers in the Fraternity...

Mike Garner: "Thank you for your suggestions Joe. First i have to take a look about how the job in this fed need to be done. Perhaps i come back to your...ähm offer." (Mike reaches Big Joe´s hand while the big man holds it)

Big Joe Stump: "One more thing, before i leave: whe have a Fraternity meeting tonight in a restaurant called: "The Big Slick". You are heartily invited..."
(Big Joe Stump leaves the Lockerroom with a little wink leaving a confused Mike Garner back)
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PostSubject: Re: Mike's First Night   Mike's First Night Icon_minitime

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Mike's First Night
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