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 Judgement #1

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PostSubject: Judgement #1   Judgement #1 Icon_minitime12/28/2008, 12:03 am

The lights come up and all members of The Fraternity are in the ring. BJS and G look rather solemn and menacing, Afuntog has a cast on his arm and looks kind of preoccupied, and AC is standing in a custom made italian suit looking like he just stepped out of GQ. He grabs a mic and.....

AC: Ladies and Gentlemen, fans of UCW, most importantly, fans of FNC, I come to you troubled about things that have happened over the last few weeks. My brother Afuntog tried to embrace one of you as his own, mostly you Jared, and show how much fun life can be. I have warned him to stay with his own, but he is his own man and now look what happened. He broke his arm and cannot wrestle for weeks now. All because he tried to become one of you.

Fans: You Suck! You Suck! You Suck!

Afuntog: Don't worry boss, I know better now. I only party with the brotherhood. But more importantly, what's with the monkey suit man?

I am the All Fed Champion! I am the VGM of FNC! I have a status to maintain and...why I am I explaining this to you? Anyway, we are currently without a main champion around here so that makes me the most powerful man in UCW. But, that is not why I am out here. From time to time, I need guidance in my many exhausting perils of life around here. Luckily, I have my brothers around me to watch my back at all times. So, when one of my brothers gets jumped from behind by a ninja wanna be and a nobody to boot.....

The lights go down and a spotlight goes to the rafters of the FNC arena. A huge mountain set is lit up with many minions sitting around and fanning Demi-God of all Gods sitting on a marble throne. An ominous tone falls over the arena as Demi grabs begins to speak in a booming voice without a mic. Everyone can here every word perfectly...

Demi: Speak no further oh mortal man. I have come down from Olympus to judge any and all who go against the moral values you have chosen to uphold. I have watched you and your Fraternity Anthony and I will watch over all of you in all times. From time to time, I will see fit the need to judge individuals who go against my people. Naruto Uchiha you have been judged and found guilty of crimes against Gersolmer. No man should fear that he will have a blade put to his throat, especially when that man is one of my people. Your judgement will take place when you stand before me and that will happen tonight. You like to jump people from behind and scare them? A fitting punishment for one such as you. Watch and learn all who oppose me.......

[i]The tron comes on and shows a living room with Ghost Whisperer showing. The fans boo anyone who does not watch FNC on Fridays. In walks Naruto Uchiha and sits down with a glass of chocolate milk. Suddenly, lightning bolts go off in his living room and two huge, toga wearing, statuesque men appear on either side of Naruto.

Naruto: How dare you enter my home. Prepare to feel my wrath.

One of the toga men opens his mouth and the voice of Demi speaks forth....

[b]Demi: Naruto Uchiha! Do not threaten my minions! You have been judged for your crimes and must suffer the punishment. You will be brought to me and you will suffer my wrath for you have threatened one of my people.

Naruto: I don't know who you are, but I ain't going no where.

Naruto attacks one of the toga men and hits him in the face as hard as he can. The toga man does not flinch and Naruto pulls his hand away in obvious pain. The other toga man proceeds to raise his hand and another lightning bolt goes off in his hand. Uncle Frank appears in his hand suddenly and he hits Naruto over the head with it. They place a burlap sack over Naruto's head and pick him up over their shoulders. Two more lightning bolts strike down in the living room and the togas and Naruto are gone. The tron goes blank and the spotlight goes back on the mountain.

Demi: Naruto will face my wrath in due time, in my time. From now on, all be warned that I am watching you and you will be judged accordingly. Never feel safe, I am always just a bolt away.

[i]The rafters light up in a blaze of multiple lightning bolts and suddenly the mountain set in the rafters is gone. The lights go back on in the ring and Naruto is lying in the center of the ring tied up and bagged. The Fraternity notice him and pounce like a pack of wolves with AC laughing menacingly in the background.
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Judgement #1
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