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 A fallen hero

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PostSubject: A fallen hero   A fallen hero Icon_minitime12/19/2008, 11:08 pm

*A limo pulls up to the FNC arena with Afuntog, Jared (the ring announcer), and a few scantily lad, shall we say, ladies hanging out the roof of said limo*

Jared: Well, Afuntog (hic), when you said you'd like to show me what a party entailed, you weren't kidding. This is the (hic) best night I've ever had.

Afuntog: Oh little man, this was just the pre-party. The real party occurs after my match when I show AC that I am the muscle in UCW.

Jared: But we've already drank more than any party, let alone one man should (hic) drink. Besides, I don't feel so good.

Girl #1: Afie!! You said you had high class friends. This guy is a joke.

Afuntog: Look Jared! If you hang with a Fraternity member, you must be ready to party like a Fraternity member or you might as well call yourself a member of Chaoz Theory. (Turns to Girl #1) And as for you, don't judge my friends. Now both of you get out!!!

*Jared and Girl #1 exit limo and Jared proceeds to puke upon exit*

Girl #1: You are by far the grossest person I've ever met!

Afuntog: I told you not to judge my friends!! Now you'll get it!

*Afuntog gets out of limo and slips on Jared's puke*

Jared: Oh no! Afuntog I'm so sorry! Are you hurt?!

Afuntog: Ow! My arm! I thank it's broken! Go tell AC that I won't be able to wrestle tonight. And don't screw this up for me!

*Jared proceeds to AC's office*

Jared: AC! Afuntog slipped in the parking lot and may have broke his arm! He said he can't wrestle tonight.

AC: Fine! I hope he's okay. Maybe he'll get a bed next to TCM! Hehehe! Get my secretary to send him some flowers. As for his match, put The Assasins in the match with whoever and make it a Triple Threat unless they all just get "hurt" This job is stressful. Call my massage therapist Tiffany and tell her I need a quick rub down....No make it a long one. Be gone now!

*Jared leaves and the fate of Afuntog is unknown*

Fade to black
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A fallen hero
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