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 Dai Shi Makes a Match on FNC

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The Crimson Moon
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Dai Shi Makes a Match on FNC Empty
PostSubject: Dai Shi Makes a Match on FNC   Dai Shi Makes a Match on FNC Icon_minitime12/19/2008, 9:30 pm

*Dai Shi is seen walking backstage. Jared (FNC Ring Accouncer) runs up to him.*

Jared (FNC Ring Announcer:) May I interview you?

Dai Shi: Why would you want to do that?

Jared (FNC Ring Announcer:) Well I want to know what is going on with The Crimson Moon.

Dai Shi: You want to know what is going on with TCM? Well lets see go visit him in the hospital then maybe the doctors can tell you whats going on.

Jared (FNC Ring Accouncer:) Well I will be glade to check up on Him later but currently I am doing my job and that is Interviewing and Ring Announcing.

Dai Shi: Then please do it.

Jared (FNC Ring Announcer:) Well I am trying to do my Job you wont let me. I want to interview you.

Dai Shi: Fine if I do the interview will you let me go see TCM?

Jared (FNC Ring Annoucner:) Yes...Now how do you feel about AC just taking the role of VGM when he was the one who attacked TCM?

Dai Shi: Well I do care about that problem...But I think it is a good opertunity to see what kind of job AC can do as that Role as VGM. But I am not saying that TCM is better I am saying that TCM is amazing at it. But we have only one VGM. But you never know. I can hired AC as VGM some time.

Jared (FNC Ring Annoucner:) Why would you hire him as your other VGM when he did that too TCM?

Dai Shi: I don't really have to explain that but this is an interview and I do tell the truth. I don't lie. So I am being truthful.

Jared (FNC Ring Accouncer:) Ok then...Thank you for that. So what do you have in mind for you tonight are you going to shock the FNC fans

Dai Shi: Well why would I shock the fans when I can do that whenever I want?

Jared (FNC Ring Announcer:) I don't really know. You tell me.

Dai Shi: Well I am going to do something in a shocking manner now. I am making a Match with Iron Maiden now. So I need to go get ready then I am going to go visit TCM.

*Dai Shi walks away from the scene.*
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Dai Shi Makes a Match on FNC
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