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 Gersolmer Challenges Forrest For the Number one Contendership

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The Crimson Moon
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PostSubject: Gersolmer Challenges Forrest For the Number one Contendership   12/19/2008, 7:45 pm

*Gersolmer walks into the Ring with a Microwphone.*

Gersolmer: Hello everyone.

Crowd: Fraternity Sucks....Fraternity Sucks.

Gersolmer: I don't give a Dang what you people think. Personaly I don't care about you the fans. But let me just get to the point. Forrest. I saw your match. And I can't belive TCM will even think of giving you a match for a Number one Contender shot. So I want to make a challenge You and Me winner gets that Contender Spot.

*Music is Heard over the ring. Forrest walks out of the Entrence Ramp. WIth a Mic*

Forrest: How about NO. I already proved myself to TCM about having a Match for the Contender Spot.

Gersolmer Yeah you did. But against someone who no body even heard of. So...

*Forrest Interupts Gersolmer.*

Forrest: Um...In case you didn't know. I heard of Him his name Is Naruto Uchiha.

Gersolmer: I don't really care. Only people who are nobody's no about the other nobody's. So I guess that makes you a nobody.

Forrest: I am not a nobody.

Gersolmer: Then prove it against me. One on One winner gets that condender spot.

Forrest: Fine.

*Forrest gets backstage to propare for the match. Gersolmer gets out of the ring and goes to his locker room.*
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PostSubject: Re: Gersolmer Challenges Forrest For the Number one Contendership   12/20/2008, 9:24 pm

Before Gersolmer reaches his locker room, Naruto drops and puts a kunai knife to Gersolmer's throat. Naruto: Listen here you rotten bastard call me a nobody one more time and I will personaly slit your throat. Then Naruto kicks Gersolmer in the back of his knee and does a LEGENDARY Jounin Spin making Gersolmer a bloody mess.
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Gersolmer Challenges Forrest For the Number one Contendership
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