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 Adressing AC's attack on TCM

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Dai Shi
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Adressing AC's attack on TCM Empty
PostSubject: Adressing AC's attack on TCM   Adressing AC's attack on TCM Icon_minitime12/16/2008, 7:07 pm

*All of Chaoz Theory except TCM is seen making their way to the ring led by GM Dai Shi. They all have angry expressions on their faces. They get in the ring and each grab a mic.

Dai Shi: Alright as many of you notice we do not have VGM The Crimson Moon with us because of an attack made on him earlier tonight. I am here to address this issue.

Sojiro: (yelling) AC if i see your face backstage I'm gonna beat you to a bloody pulp!!

Nocturu: Calm down brother he'll get what's coming to him don't worry.

Dai Shi: That is correct Nocturu Anthony you'll get whats coming to you in due time. Now you're lucky that I'm still allowing you to participate in your title match but be warned I don't take an attack on the VGM lightly. You'll be punished for this and you'll never see it coming.

DDW: TCM was a good friend of mine and AC I promise you I will get my revenge. Mark my words!

Dai Shi: Now that you bring it up DDW next week on FNC it will be Dynamite David Wigton VS Anthony Christaensin. (chuckles) How does that sound to you DDW?

DDW: (Grins) It sounds great to me boss. I'll be more than glad to take care of him.

Sojiro: I want a piece of them to Dai.

Nocturu: Yeah when do we get our chance to beat them down?

Dai Shi: Don't worry about that you'll get your chances in due time but for now just sit back ad be patient. One final thing AC, you've been warned remember that so don't blame others for your demise.

*Chaoz Theory drop their mics, leave the ring and go off into the crowd and out the door as the crowd chants "Chaoz, Chaoz".*
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Adressing AC's attack on TCM
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