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 Nocturu Gimmick

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PostSubject: Nocturu Gimmick   Nocturu Gimmick Icon_minitime11/28/2008, 7:15 pm

Name: Nocturu
Nickname: The Night Son
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1 ft
Weight: 154 lb
From: The Door to Darkness
Tag Partner: Sojiro Seta
Alignment: Unpredictable

Gimmick: Nocturu his a man that doesn’t care a bit about the humans. He’s only purpose in life is to be better than his older brother and get his revenge. For that he fights with the humans, learning their fighting techniques. He doesn’t speak with anybody because he really doesn’t care about what they might have to say. He only cares about what they can do.

Background: Nocturu is one of the two sons of the DemiGod of Night. He carries the night power he received when he was a kid like a curse but he can’t stop using it when he’s really angry. When he was ten he started to fight against his older brother, to determine who the true Night Son was. His brother defeated him, and so he made a promise to himself: be stronger then his older brother. Since that time that he has come to the Earth, among the humans, testing himself with them. He has been wrestling with them, learning with them, improving his fighting techniques. Now he’s in BWC to prove his strength and power. And to play a bit whit this mortals.


Eternal Night (level 3)
Points: 91,62 - Winning: 18%
Damage: 125,97 - 188,96 Attack Bonus: 22
Bleeding % chance: 0
Required Adrenaline: 800
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: Running Opponent
Level Progress: 68,46%

Torture Night (level 11)
Points: 1549 - Winning: 25%
Damage: 2,17 - 43,19 Attack Bonus: 1
Submission Bonus: 54
Required Adrenaline: 587
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: Stunned
Level Progress: 45,71%


Night Fall (level 10)
Damage: 10 - 75
Attack Bonus: 27,5
Required Position: Groggy
Level Advancement: 86,50%

Night Breaker (level 10)
Damage: 17,5 - 75
Attack Bonus: 32,5
Required Position: Bent down
Level Advancement: 16,00%

Modified Elbow drop to inner thigh (level Cool
Damage: 11 - 44
Attack Bonus: 17,6
Required Position: Grounded
Level Advancement: 12,22%


Night Shadow
Current Level: 17
Duration: 5 seconds
Turns Adrenalin gained: 2,7
Health Point gained: 2,7%
Stamina gained: 2,7%
Level Progress: 8,89%

Wrestler Pic:
Nocturu Gimmick Cloudd11
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Nocturu Gimmick
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