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 Veteran's Title

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Dai Shi
Dai Shi

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PostSubject: Veteran's Title   Veteran's Title Icon_minitime12/13/2008, 4:04 pm

*Dai Shi makes his way to the ring with a briefcase in one hand and a mic in the other.*

Dai Shi: Alright ladies and gentleman some of you might remember this brief case from before when i made a very big announcement beside VGM TCM. This briefcase holds within it the Veteran's Title.

*The crowd explodes in cheers and chant "Dai Shi, Dai Shi"*

Dai Shi: Settle down, settle down,let me finish first.(smiles) I'm here today to announce who will be fighting for this title tonight. When I call you please come to the ring. Tgars and Wu Rong Xiao please come out.

*The two wrestlers make their way to the ring and each grab a mic when the get in the ring.*

Wu: I want to thank you GM Dai Shi for giving me an opportunity to show what I'm really made of.

Tgars: Please, I'm gonna crush you like a fly and take that title home with me where it belongs.

Wu: We'll see how it all goes tonight when I knock you out cold.

*Both men stare each other down ready to start the fight right now if need be.*

Dai Shi: Hey guys calm down save it for tonight. Now I want both of you to go backstage and cool off and prepare for the main event tonight.

*Dai Shi leaves the ring and goes backstage followed by Wu Rong Xiao then Tgars.*
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Veteran's Title
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