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 German Chaoz Killaz

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PostSubject: German Chaoz Killaz   German Chaoz Killaz Icon_minitime12/11/2008, 11:48 pm

Interviewer: Hello I´m Andy and i´m backstage here because there is a rumor about a brand new Tag Team just built in the Fraternity. Let´s see, what we can find out about it...

*Andy knocks on Gersolmer´s lockerroom door but there is no response...suddenly he realises voices coming out of the room next to Gersolmer´s. He approaches slowly.*

Andy (whispering): Now it´s time to put Fraternity´s cards on the table...who will be the mighty Team to challenge the Night Assassins...

*Suddenly he spoke the words NIGHT ASSASSINS the door is torn open and a "German Wall" is standing in the doorway.*

BJS: Are you crazy??? Never again mention this name in our presence!!!

*Moments later Gersolmer puts his hand on Stumps shoulder trying to calm him down*

G: Calm down my big friend...look how scary this poor little microphone-guy is....*Gersolmer laughing*....and neither do you or Seta and Nocturu. Yeah, now you know your destiny!!! We are the German Chaoz Killaz and we are going to make an example on you two Manga-Comic wannabees!!!

*BJS only nodding with a diabolic smile on his face*

BJS: That´s right. as my little brother said, we will beat the living hell out of you two and by the way...if we destroy you than we take your Tag Team Titles to our Fraternity where they belong.

G: You got it little man??? *Andy nodding frightfully* So step to the side and don´t breath our air any longer because you don´t deserve it.

*Gersolmer pushes the Interviewer to the side and walks away together with BJS*

Andy: Oh my god...what a hell of a match we can look forward to. Let´s get back to ringside...
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German Chaoz Killaz
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