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 AC gets His shot

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The Crimson Moon
The Crimson Moon

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AC gets His shot Empty
PostSubject: AC gets His shot   AC gets His shot Icon_minitime12/11/2008, 11:32 pm

*Music is heard over the ring, The Crimson Moon walks into the ring with a microwphone*

TCM: Hello everyone!!!

Crowd: TCM...TCM...TCM!!!

TCM: Thank you...Thank you.

Crowd: Your welcome!!!

TCM: Man it feels good to be The UCW Heavyweight Champion. But I have an announcment to make. Me and Dai Shi, have created another Championship. It is called, "All Fed Championship." And since it has All Fed in the name...Everyone should know that it is for both shows.

*The fans look suprised that The Crimson Moon never told the fans about The All Fed Titles.*

TCM: I am sorry I never introduced it yet but I needed to do it now. Since the TV Title is already around DDW's waist...And the Tag Team Titles are still around The Night Assassin's waist that means we need to introduce another title. And The Night Assassins are a good team. They did good last week against Afuntog and Iron Maiden. But since the new title is announced I wanted to make two wrestlers for this match for that title. So...

*Music is heard over the ring, Anthony Christaensin, comes out to the ring with a microwphone.*

AC: Man Chaoz Theory is so rigged.

TCM: What do you mean?

AC: You and Night Assassins and DDW don't even deserve the titles.

TCM: How many more times do I need to prove to you that I deserve the Heavyweight Title. And even Night Assassins don't need to prove to you anymore. But DDW has something to prove. But he wont need to prove to you. How about Afuntog?

AC: My brother will beat him easly.

TCM: Then in that case Afuntog will not have any problem with that match then. But why would you come out here now?

AC: Well lets see. It turns out you just introduced another Championship. So I want a shot.

TCM: Well I don't think so.

AC: Just like the usual Chaoz Theory.

TCM: You know what...

*Music is heard over the ring, and Iron Maiden comes out to the ring with a microwphone*

Iron Maiden: No I want a shot at The All Fed Title.

TCM: Well I can give you a shot. But AC hasn't really proved anything to me yet that he deservse a shot at gold yet.

AC: What are you talking about? I just dominated Kuvey Z last week. So don't tell me that.

TCM: Yeah I admit you did. But you won because he was injured still. He wasn't even aloud in the ring yet. But he said he was ready. And it was my fault he got hurt even more than he did.

AC: Then who all is left in that Title Shot picture?

TCM: So far just Iron Maiden.

AC: Well I can beat him easily.

Iron Maiden: What the Heck are you talking about. You aren't even a challenge for me.

*The Crimson Moon just sits down and watchs the argument.*

AC: I thought you were in my Stable The Fraternity?

Iron Maiden: Why would I be in Fraternity?

AC: You did have a match with Night Assassins didn't you?

Iron Maiden: Yes I did, and they wanted me. so I gave it to them. But I don't like to even be in a Stable or alliance whatever you call it. I like to earn my shots. And I could have beaten the Night Assassins by myslef if Afuntog wasn't there. He is the worst wrestler I could have ever seen.

AC: Don't you ever talk about my brother like that. He will prove himself tonight against DDW. And how do you know he was holding you back maybe you were holding him back.

Iron Maiden: Yeah right. He is bad.

AC: Thats it!!!

*Anthony Christaensin, throws down his mircowphone onto the ground and jumps onto Iron Maiden. AC starts hitting Iron Maiden.* The Crimson Moon breaks up the fight.*

TCM: Well you guys are really dumb. You both will get a shot tonight in ring against eachother for the All Fed Title.

*The Crimson Moon leaves the ring.*

*10 minutes later Iron Maiden leaves the ring...And AC follows him*
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AC gets His shot
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