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 Wrecking Crew

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Dai Shi
Dai Shi

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PostSubject: Wrecking Crew   12/10/2008, 10:26 am

*Dai Shi comes up on the titantron and it looks like he's in the parking lot of the arena.*
Dai Shi: Alright now you probably are all wondering what I'm doing in the parking lot. Well it's very simple actually. I am here with all of Chaoz Theory and we have a present for The Fraternity.

*The camera zooms out to show every member of Chaoz Theory each one holding a sledge hammer.*
TCM: You all most likely remember last week that Big Joe Stump and Gersolomer of The Fraternity bashed up Sojiro Seta and Nocturu's rides. Well we're here to get a lttle bit of payback.

Sojiro: Exactly we want to show you what happens when you mess with Chaoz Theory.

Dai Shi: Now if you didnt kow yet this is our newest member Dynamite David Wigton. He's gonna have the honor of the first shot at AC's car.

DDW: Thank you Dai Shi, I am very glad to be a part of Chaoz Theory and I'm looking forward to messing Anthony's ride up.
*DDW takes his first swing at the car and breaks the windshield. After that the rest of the crew start to beat the car of every memeber of the Fraternity. When they are done the cars are nothing but pieces of scrap metal.*

Dai Shi: Let this be a warning and a lesson to you. Dont mess with Chaoz Theory or this will happen to you.
TCM: By the way, since you guys always have that paddle by your side we decided that we would adopt this sledge hammer as the official Chaoz Bringer.
*The members of Chaoz Theory hold up their new Chaoz Bringers and all have big smiles on their faces.
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PostSubject: Meanwhile, back in the ring   12/10/2008, 6:47 pm

*The Fraternity enters the ring with solemn looks on their faces. All members are noticeably upset. AC grabs a mic.*

AC: Chaos Theory, you have crossed a line. Beating up our vehicles with sledge hammers and mocking our prestigious paddle by carrying those same sledge hammers as weapons. I must say, we are worried.....(AC starts cracking up) I'm sorry guys, I just can't keep a straight face through all of this (The Fraternity joins in on the laughter confusing the fans). Do you realize how predictable you all are? We beat up one of yours, you attempt to beat down one of ours. We get new members, you get new jokes. We destroy your rides, you destroy you....wait a second. Those aren't our rides (members of the audience look concerned, 5 in particular). I remind you that I am always three to five steps ahead of you. I knew you would attempt retaliation, so earlier, Afuntog and iron maiden took a few license plates and put them on 5 random vehicles. They all said Frat4lf on them and we knew you would assume they were our rides. In reality, they belong to the following (Afuntog and iron maiden hand AC five license plates and AC begins reading them off. After each reading, audience members, about 15 altogether, run out to the parking lot) It's such a shame to see how you treat your fans Chaos. Besides, did you really think that we would ride in such lack of style and class. Follow me, and I will show you how the elite ride. (The cameraman follows The Fraternity to the roof of the arena where a helicopter with The Fraternity plastered on the side is waiting) The elite ride in style and we wait for no traffic jams. Take your little tools and try to destroy this. I believe the fine for destroying public property is quite high and seeing as you all destroyed your fans rides, have fun with the repair bills. I hope you all learned your lesson by now. The challenges have been made and ignored. If I don't have an answer soon, I will begin to take what I want by any means necessary. This is not a threat, it's a promise. I told you before and apparently, I have to tell you again....(The Fraternity speaks in unison)

*The helicopter lifts off with The Fraternity in tow. The camera pans down to the parking lot where Chaos Theory is surrounded by 15 angry fans.*
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Big Joe Stump

Big Joe Stump

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PostSubject: Re: Wrecking Crew   12/10/2008, 7:11 pm

...good job Anthony..really good job
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PostSubject: Re: Wrecking Crew   

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Wrecking Crew
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