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 What a show........

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PostSubject: What a show........   12/8/2008, 6:29 pm

I mean.. did somebody read the show?????? It was bullshit!!!!
First you (GM) just listed the Rp´s behind each other with no connection!!!!
Example: The True night finished.. Sojiro and Nocturu stand in the ring, then : nocturus music hits and he walks out to the ring (????) i thoight he is in the ring!
2.: Why the hell fought Pitbull 2 matches???
3. Dai Shi came out three or four times to announce something.....
4. First match: who won now??? Pitbull??? or is it a draw??? would be nice to know that...

I can understand if you have to do ´more important things like this ( Example : go to work or something.. even prepearing the next season shows) but on this way this federation will go straight to ruin!
Who thinks just like me?

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Dai Shi
Dai Shi

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PostSubject: Re: What a show........   12/8/2008, 7:13 pm

Gersolmer you need to shill out alright. We had things to get out and we did and so what we made a few mistakes, everybody makes mistakes even me. As for my shows you need not worry about them alright? I thank you for your input on the show and we'll try to do better next time as for now maybe you should do more RPing and less complaining. Maybe you should stop complaining about this Fed going to ruins because of my and TCM's show making and start RPing and help the show move forward.
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What a show........
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