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Dai Shi
Dai Shi

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PostSubject: UCW Roster   UCW Roster Icon_minitime12/7/2008, 7:27 pm

*I Am by Dale Oliver blares over the arena as Dai Shi makes his way to the ring. Dai Shi gets in the ring and grabs a mic.*

*Crowd gives Dai Shi a standing ovation as he stands in the ring.*

Dai Shi: Alright settle down i have something to say. As you know now we have split the guys in this federation into two half for UCW and half for FNC. You all have gotten the chance to see what TCM's roster is so it's time i introduce mine. Here are the guys on my roster in no particular order, afterward i would like you all to come out to the ring.

1. Zax, The Mysterious Legend
2. Gersolmer
3. Miagava
4. Big Joe Stump
5. Thebul
6. Wu Rong Xiao
7. ymmer
8. Bostono Krabas
9. Figment
10. The Shippo
11. King Zilla
12. sir_money
13. Tgars
14. The King Peter

*All the wrestlers start to file into the ring around their GM with smiles across their faces.*

Big Joe Stump: I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are all glad to be here in UCW with you.

Dai Shi: I'm glad to hear that Joe. Now as my first order of business with this roster we will have two matches to see who will be facing each other for the Veterans Title. The four guys will be:
Miagava VS Figment
Wu Rong Xiao VS Gersolmer

I'm looking forward to those matches tonight. Good luck to you all and its time for the first match of the show to begin. Tgars and The King Peter hope you're ready because you're the opening match. Lets go guys and let them start their match.
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