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The Crimson Moon
The Crimson Moon

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PostSubject: FNC Roster   FNC Roster Icon_minitime12/7/2008, 2:00 am

We just had the draft. I have chosen the 15 wrestlers in no Partcular order.

1.) The Crimosn Moon

2.) Sojiro Seta

3.) Nocturu

4.) MightayWhitay

5.) Mr. Danger

6.) Big Joe Stump

7.) Gersolmer

8.) iron maiden

9.) Anthony Christaeansin

10.) Afuntog

11.) Forrest Shiek Monstar

12.) Kuvey Z

13.)Dumb Sack

14.) Black Stallion

15.) PitBull76

16.) Dynamite David Wigton

17.) Naruto Uchiha

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FNC Roster
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