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 Battle Plans are drawn up

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Battle Plans are drawn up Empty
PostSubject: Battle Plans are drawn up   Battle Plans are drawn up Icon_minitime12/6/2008, 9:08 pm

*"YOU'RE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US AND AGAINST US IS A BAD PLACE TO BE" followed by Chop Suey by System of a Down plays as The Fraternity, Anthony Christaensin, Afuntog, Gersolmer, and The Shippo walk out smug as always. AC, Afuntog, and G all stand in the center of the ring while The Shippo is running around doing crotch chops and playing to the crowd. AC grabs the microphone and raises his hands in a settle down gesture.*

AC: Chaos is defined as a state of extreme confusion and disorder. With that being said, Shippo stop running around like a fool and look like you belong with us. (The Shippo continues to run around with crotch chops and shouting "suck it" over and over) I knew letting someone out of our league in was a bad idea. Well, all good intentions....(AC snaps his fingers and the lights go down. When they come back out, The Shippo is laid out in a pool of his own blood with iron maiden standing over him with a new paddle made out of platinum and emblazzed with The Fraternity in greek letters made out of diamonds.) Shippo, meet your replacement, iron maiden. He understands his place as the elite and does not make a fool out of himself. Now, as I was saying Chaos is defined as a state of extreme confusion and disorder. Seems an appropriate title for our opponents to incorporate as their nom de plume, look it up if you don't understand. We have their leaders Dai Shi and TCM (huge pop from fans). These two can't seem to get along long enough to make a decision about title belts, and now they are leaders? Confusion. Then there is Raggedy Ann and Andy or the Assasins as they like to call themselves. The only thing they assinate is my playground with their stench. You always dreamed of being champions as children. Confusion. Finally, Dai Shi says I wanted a war. Confusion and dillusion. I just wanted what rightfully belonged to me, I mean us. You were told by me that you had choices. Speaking of choices, TCM I respect you for making one, even though it was the wrong one. You had a choice to join the brotherhood and chose Chaos. I hope you realize that choice put you in a bad place to be. Now, on to business.
Wars consist of many battles fought over a period of time. With that, I propose a simple plan to settle our little conflict and help you to realize that I am right and that is that. Step 1 involves The Ass Bandits, I mean Assasins versus the greatest tag team on the planet, My brother Afuntog and.......our newest member iron maiden (they both look confused as they did not know they would be a team). Seeing as you took it upon yourselves to shatter our vintage paddle, we were forced to replace it with this beauty (AC shows off the new paddle). Meet Uncle Frank, he may be a little flashy, but when he hits you, you get the message. Why don't you two accept the challenge and face them in a Ladder Match with Uncle Frank hanging over the ring. First team to grab it gets to use it on the other team for 10 swats a piece.
On to the second piece of business. TCM, you will probably win this little tournament for the UCW title and I guess you should. After all, Dai Shi made it a cake walk for you and if you lost, well you would look like a joke. Yes, you beat G to reach the finals, but G was not at full strength or prepared to face you. He spent day after day trying to find you as you ducked out of his way. He had to beat down your hand picked opponent before he could face you. And, to top it all off, you fought him on a night when you knew you would be having a match, but he was just in attendance and suddenly thrust into a match with you nonetheless. So, win your title, but after all is said and done, face G in a real match where you can't duck or hide. Face him in a First Blood Cage Match (Gs confident look changes a little as he looks like he was not prepared for this announcement).
Last, but not least, Dai Shi and little ol me. I have yet to soil my hands with you, but I intend to amend that by offering you an open challenge to any type of match. You vs. Me winner gets the contract and services of the losers stable for a month. Let me know.
I am aware that none of these matches are the norm around here, but you said this was war and war is not a cake walk. As a show of good faith, you can have Shippo, we got bigger fish in our pond. Remember, you all chose this path, and like I always say.....

Chop Suey follows and The Fraternity stands at the corners triumphant.*
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Battle Plans are drawn up
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