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 Stables Are Formed

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PostSubject: Stables Are Formed   Stables Are Formed Icon_minitime12/6/2008, 1:53 pm

*Music is heard over the ring. Dai Shi walks out with a microwphone.*

Dai Shi: It has come to my attention that many people are attacking and fueding in the federation even outside of the federation things are getting complacated. So I came out here to make an announcment that I have formed a type of sercurity for the federation...A team of wrestlers. I would call it a Stable. So I have to invite people who I think are responsable, who I can rely on, and who can help me astablish order in the UCW.

*The Crowd is looking at Dai Shi like they are in a confused world.*

Dai Shi: Well I am looking at a few of our fans...Well most of them I should say. You all look at me like I am dumb. Well when Kuvey Z got attacked that was it. We can't afford wrestlers coming to this federation to just leave and not show up for a while with an injury.

*Crowd looks at Dai Shi and now knows what he is saying.*

Dai Shi: Well now I would like everyone to know who I am going to invite to the stable.

*Crowd looks towards the entrance ramp.*

Dia Shi: My first wrestler and friend I will invite is a wrestler who is combined with speed and a very strategice person...Nocturu please come down to the ring.

*Music is heard over the ring. Nocturu walks down to the ring with a microwphone.*

Nocturu: Thank you for inviting me to the stable. But I don't think I could even try or even think I should even be in the stable. I am on a quest with my brother So Sojiro Seta.

Dai Shi: What type of quest?

Nocturu: Well you know. I am in a Tag Team with my brother Sojiro Seta. We are a Team of, "The Night Assassins" so we need the Tag Team titles. That was our dream as kids.

Dai Shi: Well if you do join me your dream as becoming a Champion with your brother Sojiro Seta it could happen. This oppertunity could open doors and make me think you and your brother are definitly could be one of the best teams ever, and I could give you a title shot.

Nocturu: Well that does sound pretty good to me. But where does my brother fall into place here?

Dai Shi: Well that does bring me to my next wrestler to join....Sojiro Seta!

*Music is heard over the ring. Sojiro Seta comes into the ring with a microwphone.

Sojiro Seta: Well to be honist that did sound pretty good from the backstage locker room. But can you garentee that we will get a title shot at the Titles?

Dai Shi: No...I can't. You need to prove to me that you could.

Sojiro Seta: Well okay then I am in.

Crowd: Night Assassins...Night Assassins...Night Assassins!!!

Andy (Announcer): Well it seems the crowd is feeling this idea from our GM Dai Shi.

Jared (Announcer): Well I actually agree with you on something.

Dai Shi: Well I do have one more person who I would like to join... but the problem is I don't think he would join. He told me that he would like to be a Single Wrestler. He doesn't like to be in another wrestlers stable or anything else of that nature...But I might as well try...So The Crimson Moon please come down!!!

*Music is heard over the ring. The Crimson Moon is walkthing down the the ring with a microwphone.

TCM: Why would you ever want me to join with you Dai?

Dai Shi: Well to be honist you are the best wrester in UCW. You are in the finals of the UCW Tournament. So you do have power in this Federation.

TCM: I can't argue with that. But I do have the option to not join. Who will be the leader of the stable?

Dai Shi: Well I was thinking me and you TCM.

TCM: Well that does sound good. So I guess I am in. What is the name?

Dai Shi: Chaoz Theory...

TCM: Nice I am in...

*The new formed alliance, "The Chaoz Theory are about to leave the ring.*

*Music is heard over the ring. Anthony Christaensin walks out of the entrance ramp and looks at TCM, and Dai Shi.*

Anthony Christaensin: Oh my god...You two think you are the two that can do whatever you want here...

TCM: We can...I am VGM. Dai Shi is GM.

Anthony Christaensin: Well your not thinking you are going to create a stable and not think someone else will. I am going to create one. With my three other friends...Gersolmer, The Shippo, and of course my brother...afuntog. Together we will dominate your Stable and gain power over this federation. Once we do that...We will win everything...

TCM: Don't you even try this. we will be forced to embarrise you on your actions.

Anthony Christaensin: Then I guess you are going to have to embarrise us then...We are The Farernity!

Dai Shi: Then this means WAR!!!

*The Farternity leaves to go backstage...Leaving Chaoz Theory in the ring.*
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Stables Are Formed
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