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 Thebul Gimmick

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PostSubject: Thebul Gimmick   Thebul Gimmick Icon_minitime11/28/2008, 1:52 pm

Popularity: 2. Debutante (110)
Fans: 48
Age: 20
Total Skill Index: 2.430
Fought matches: 503 (W:201 | L:301| N/C:1)
Wrestler's score: 16.825
Level Ranking: 868th
Wrestler's level: 6
Face or Heel: Face
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Race: asian
Nickname: Bull

About Me: I was always the quiet one and never said much but everybody always beat me up. My brother then decided to teach me MMA so i could defend myself. I practiced and practiced and became one of the best around when i started as an amateur. I am now fighting alongside my two older brothers to become the best in the world.
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Thebul Gimmick
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