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 Anthony Christaensin's Gimmick

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Anthony Christaensin's Gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Anthony Christaensin's Gimmick   Anthony Christaensin's Gimmick Icon_minitime12/4/2008, 3:23 pm

Federations: LWX - Local Wrestling e-Xtreme
Roster: Ultimate Championship Wrestling
• Injury: Healthy
• Popularity: 2. Debutante (102)
• Fans: 42
• Age: 20
• Total Skill Index: 2.365
• Fought matches: 283 (W:151 | L:132| N/C:0)
• Wrestler's score: 17.380
• Level Ranking: 799th
• Wrestler's level: 5

Taunts: Don't You Wish You Were Me, Man You Suck
Finishers: Pain Is Your Friend (direct damage), Zit Popped Up On Date Night (pin)

Tag Team Partner: Afuntog

Face/Heel: Heel

"I am better than all because I have what you could only dream of. Looks, brains, all the women I and you and all your lousy friends combined could handle, and above all my ability to humiliate any wrestler walking this planet. I am the man your little boys want to grow up to be and the man you hope your little girls bring home. Am I cocky or just being honest? I was always raised with the belief that honesty is the best policy... but do what you must to succeed. My boys and I will own this fed just like we own what we want when we want it. The Fraternity is here to stay and we welcome the select few to be a part or our world. Just remember, in our world, you're either with us or against us and trust me, against us is a bad place to be."
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Anthony Christaensin's Gimmick
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