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 Veterans Title & Televison Title are announced

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The Crimson Moon
The Crimson Moon

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Veterans Title & Televison Title are announced Empty
PostSubject: Veterans Title & Televison Title are announced   Veterans Title & Televison Title are announced Icon_minitime11/30/2008, 11:14 pm

*The Crimson Moon is walking towards his office.*

*Dai Shi walks out from The Crimson Moons office as soon as the door opens*

TCM: Um...What are you doing in my office?

Dai Shi: I thought I left my schedule in here. If you find it then please notify me.

TCM: Will do...

*The Crimson Moon whispers to himself
"But when he was in my office he never brought a clip board."*

*The Crimson Moon goes to his desk and grabs a brief case.*

*The Crimson Moon starts to walk towards the arena from his office backstage.*

*Dai Shi runs to his office very quickly.*

*Dai Shi walks into his office and talks to himself
"I was preparing for this moment."*

*Dai Shi runs up to catch up with The Crimson Moon.*

TCM: What are you doing?

Dai Shi: I think we better make this announcement together.

TCM: Okay...Wait how did you know i was going to make an announcement?

Dai Shi: Well I noticed your brief case and what was inside it. So it's time.(smiles)

TCM: Then what's inside yours?

Dai Shi: You'll find out, lets go.

*The Crimson Moon, and Dai Shi, are walking to the ring together. They both get into the ring and grab a mic.*

Dai Shi: Well I noticed that you have something very big in that briefcase.

TCM: (happily)Yes I do.

Dai Shi: But the question is do we need it?

TCM: Well lets have the fans decide.

*The Crimson Moon opens the brief case and shows the crowd.*

Dai Shi: It is a new title.

Crowd: UCW...UCW...UCW.

TCM: But wait it is a title for Friday Night Chaoz. The name of the title is named, "The Television title."

Dai Shi: Why is that title going to be for Friday Night Chaoz?

TCM: Well to be honest I think both shows need a title to themselves.

Dai Shi: That is one hell of a point. that is why I made this.

*Crowd waits anxiously.*

*Dai Shi opens the Brief case.*


TCM: Wait a second. You created a title too?

Dai Shi: Yes I did. I had a feeling that you would come up with an idea like this so i was one step ahead.

TCM: So now we have our own titles for our shows?

Dai Shi: Well not exactly...I think we should see what show gets the titles.

TCM: How are we going to do that?

Dai Shi: Well lets see...You pick one person from your show. I will do the same for mine.

TCM: That is a good idea. But why would you make it a competiton?

Dai Shi: Well in my opinion i believe my show has a better roster.

Crowd: DANG!!!

TCM: Wait a dang second. You will not win my title. I put my money into this.

Dai Shi: If you were confident in your roster then you would accept my offer.

TCM: Your on.

*Dai Shi stands in the ring with a big smile across his face.*
*The Crimson Moon leaves the Ring.*
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Veterans Title & Televison Title are announced
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