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 Mike Garner's Gimmick

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Mike Garner

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PostSubject: Mike Garner's Gimmick   Mike Garner's Gimmick Icon_minitime12/28/2008, 8:21 am

Wrestler's Data
• Popularity: 3. Beginner (262)
• Fans: 275
• Age: 22
• Total Skill Index: 2.790
• Wrestler's score: 25.320
• Wrestler's level: 8
• Height: 6'2 (187cm)
• Weight: 223 lbs (101kg)
• Gender : Male
• Born in : France
• Place of residence : Somewhere down the road
• Entrance Music : Lamb of God - Redneck (Link)
• Image :
• Attitude: Tweener
• Tag Team : 2 King United with Big Joe Stump
• Stable : Soon to be vacant

RWO - Broadway Wrestling Company
NWL - Master of Violence

2. Titan tron: Introduction Video (9)
3. Vehicle: Chopper (10)

Painkiller (level 8 )
Points: 268,09 - Winning: 17%
Damage: 64,78 - 129,57 Attack Bonus: 10
Bleeding % chance: 0
Required Adrenaline: 450
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: Groggy

Serious Lock (level 6)
Points: 176,8 - Winning: 20%
Damage: 1 - 2 Attack Bonus: 10
Submission Bonus: 66,65
Required Adrenaline: 450
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: Stunned

Duke Knuckles (level 16)
Damage: 6,8 - 17
Attack Bonus: 20,4
Required Position: Standing

System Choke (level 16)
Damage: 10,2 - 20,4
Attack Bonus: 30,6
Required Position: Grounded

Quaker (level 14)
Damage: 15,5 - 58,9
Attack Bonus: 24,8
Required Position: Groggy

Guard Up
Current Level: 15
Duration: 5 seconds
Turns Adrenalin gained: 2,5
Health Point gained: 2,5%
Stamina gained: 2,5%

Thumb Down
Current Level: 11
Duration: 10 seconds
Turns Adrenalin gained: 3,1
Health Point gained: 3,1%
Stamina gained: 3,1%

4th Lvl Champion: 1 victories and 0 defenses
5th Lvl Champion: 1 victories and 1 defenses
4th Lvl Tag Champ: 2 victories and 0 defenses

Tournaments lvl 2 won: 1 times
Tournaments lvl 3 won: 1 times

Background and Gimmick
Mike was a jobber, he lost a lot matches here and there, Just earning enough to live and go on, riding from a show to another with his bike.
He worked on RWO's BWC a few weeks and was undefeated for the 3 matches he had there. He met his tag partner Big Joe there and was working to get a match with Sojiro Seta when the Fed died. Then he got contacted by NWL's MoV and basicaly was back to his jobber status. Getting squashed by bigger wrestlers but it paid the bills. A month ago he was contacted by Sojiro who talked about UCW. Mike thought it can't be worse than his work in MoV and he'll be with some guys he alreday worked with. So why not try there when his contract is over. At least he have a chance find some good fights.

The only thing he's sure about is that there is one and only truth for everyone when they are between the ropes. Pain is coming.
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Mike Garner's Gimmick
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