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 Sojiro Seta gimmick

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Sojiro Seta

Sojiro Seta

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PostSubject: Sojiro Seta gimmick   Sojiro Seta gimmick Icon_minitime11/28/2008, 8:20 pm


Name: Sojiro Seta
Nickname: The Tenken
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2 ft
Weight: 150 lb
From: Lisbon, Portugal
Tag Partner: Nocturu
Stable: Broadway Legends
Alignment: Unpredictable
Entrance Music: 'Hell Yeah' - Rev Theory

Gimmick: Sojiro Seta is the kind of fighter who doesn’t run away of a fight, who lives for the fight and fights with honor and soul, and that never reveals what’s going inside his heart/mind; however, if an incident of major proportions happens, he might let those emotions flow out, with unpredictable results. He’s constantly with an empty, childish smile on his face, and has always polite manners with others. In the search for his own truth, he’ll go through anyone and anything, no matter what.

Background: Sojiro Seta was born in Lisbon, Portugal, at April’s 8th of 1987, leaving the country while a baby towards Japan. There he was forced to live with his uncle and cousins, who abused of him and used him as a family slave due to the fact he was a child from an affair of his father. However, when he was 8 years old, he slain his entire family, with a little help from his new master and an outlaw in-the-run, Makoto Shishio; this incident made him to seal away deep in his soul every single emotion he possessed. Shishio taught him the art of assassin and also the basics of wrestling, making of him an amazing fighter. When he had to face Himura (the Battousai), he lost and understood that the truth of life isn’t a matter of strong and weak persons or winning/losing battles, but that the true path each one choose to follow must be discovered by himself. So Sojiro decided to wander around the world in order of finding his own truth, settling finally in Portugal again and going into the wrestling business, by improving his moves and skills. As a result of his development, he joined the RWO and the Broadway Wrestling Company, but he is still looking for his own truth on the square circle.


Shuntensatsu (level 3)
Points: 48,18 - Winning: 22%
Damage: 188,96 - 220,45 Attack Bonus: 10
Bleeding % chance: 2
Required Adrenaline: 1035
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: You are running

Torture Time (level 11)
Points: 1905,01 - Winning: 29%
Damage: 19,99 - 29,98 Attack Bonus: 10,8
Submission Bonus: 54
Required Adrenaline: 695
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: Stunned


Mind Seal Broke (level 13)
Damage: 11,8 - 88,5
Attack Bonus: 32,45
Required Position: Groggy

F'u (level 13)
Damage: 8,85 - 53,1
Attack Bonus: 29,5
Required Position: Standing

Modified Rolling Cutter (level 9)
Damage: 7,05 - 47
Attack Bonus: 18,8
Required Position: Bent down


Tenken's Reveal
Current Level: 11
Duration: 5 seconds
Turns Adrenalin gained: 2,1
Health Point gained: 2,1%
Stamina gained: 2,1%

Mind Disrupt
Current Level: 8
Duration: 10 seconds
Turns Adrenalin gained: 2,8
Health Point gained: 2,8%
Stamina gained: 2,8%

Current Level: 7
Duration: 15 seconds
Turns Adrenalin gained: 3,7
Health Point gained: 3,7%
Stamina gained: 3,7%

Wrestler Data

• Injury: Healthy
• Popularity: 3. Beginner (212)
• Fans: 180
• Age: 21
• Total Skill Index: 3.007
• Fought matches: 1668 (W:779 | L:888| N/C:1)
• Wrestler's score: 24.780
• Level Ranking: 185th
• Money: 3.183 fantaeuros
• Wrestler's level: 6


1st Lvl Champion: 1 victories and 6 defenses
2nd Lvl Champion: 2 victories and 7 defenses
3rd Lvl Champion: 8 victories and 11 defenses
4th Lvl Champion: 11 victories and 8 defenses
5th Lvl Champion: 9 victories and 19 defenses
6th Lvl Champion: 6 victories and 3 defenses
Elimination Chamber won: 1 times
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Sojiro Seta gimmick
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