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 New VGM (For now)

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New VGM (For now) Empty
PostSubject: New VGM (For now)   New VGM (For now) Icon_minitime12/19/2008, 8:29 pm

*Music is heard over the ring. Anthony Christaensin walks to the ring. with Gersolmer and Big Joe Stump, and Anfutog beside him. Anthony Christaensin has a Microwphone.*

AC: Well everyone you now know that I will be your new VGM for about one to two weeks. Since TCM got attacked. I mean I didn't really even want to do that but when someone disrespects me and just turns there backs on me I go crazy.

Crowd: You Suck...You Suck...You Suck!!!

Gersolmer: Hey AC isn't joking when he gets disrespected he takes things into his own hands. I mean when we were in our old fed...Which I will not menchine the name since I don't really want to and since the Fed was Horrible. Our last GM that disrepected AC lets just say he was gone...Just like the Undertaker was on Smackdown when he was buried Alive. But don't be scared we didn't even do anything to The Crimosn Goon. We just put him in the hospital.

BJS: Um...Gersolmer I think his name is The Crimson Moon.

Gersolmer: Um...I knwo that. But now he is The Crimson Goon.

BJS: Okay...

AC: Anyway...Lets see well since I am astablishing my self as the New VGM I am going to give DDW that shot at me. Even though I am tired and I dont' feel like even doign anything tonight besides making matchs. I'll do it.

Afuntog: You need me there with you boss?

AC: No not really. And I like that word.
Afuntog: What word?
AC: Boss...

Afuntog: Yeah I do too...It fits you good.

AC: Please stop sucking up to me. You don't need to do anything good to impress me. Your my brother.

BJS: Well AC I would like a match against...MightayWhitay...He has been giving me problems and I need to show him what I do and how I work things my way.

AC: You got it.

BJS: Thank you.

*BJS gets out of the ring and starts to walk backstage.*

AC: Oh...BJS make Fraternity look good.
BJS: Well AC I would like a match against...MightayWhitay...He has been giving me problems and I need to show him what I do and how I work things my way.

*BJS turns around.*

BJS: I always do.

*BJS starts walking backstage again.*

AC: Now Gersolmer what you need to do good against Forrest. You talked Crap so back it up.

Gersolmer: Do you not have confidence in me?

AC: No I do its just...

Gersolmer: Its just what?

AC: Its just I don't want anyone with you while you are in that match. I need the protection since I have attacked TCM. You understand right?

Gersolmer: Of course I do Boss. You are the reson why you are the best in FNC.

AC: Thank you..SO please go get ready for the Match.

*Gersolmer runs backstage to get ready for the match.*

AC: Afuntog, what have you done so far in FNC?

Afuntog: I have done many things...Are you looking for something specific?

AC: No I am asking what have you done in the ring?

Afuntog: Well...I have...

*Anthony Christaensin interupts Afuntog.*

AC: You haven't done a Dang thing. If you lose the match I am setting up for you...then you are out of Fraternity.

Afuntog: What you can't do that!!!

AC: Techniquly I can. I am VGM now.

Afuntog: I am yoru brother don't do this.

AC: Just do what you do. But I mean don't lose then.

*Afuntog leaves the ring in a disapointing matter.*

AC: Now everyone have a good and exciting show.

*Anthony turns around and walks to his new office.*
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New VGM (For now)
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